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Organisation and repetition

I thought I would share my progress with Album Number 2 preparations. I go in the studio 6 weeks today so am sensibly getting organised.

Consistency with organisation is not my strong suit. I historically go through phases of buying lots of pretty stationary, drawing up artistically pleasing (but incredibly ambitious) To Do lists, having a couple of wildly productive days of frenzied box ticking, then slumping and never finishing things off. Repeat, ad infinitum. Times 37 years. Who was it who said the definition of madness is repeating the same action, and expecting different results?

Here is a photo of my album grid. I've narrowed it down to 16 songs, 10-12 of which make the final cut. So that's 160 tasks to complete before I even step foot in the studio. Wish me luck.

I'm currently finding that my sticking point is lyric writing. I hold myself to high standards where language is concerned (and yes, I am an absolute grammar wanker, watch you're (sic) apostrophe's (sic) and where their (sic) placed around pedantic ole moi). It also pleasantly surprised me that so many people complimented the lyrics on my previous album. Hence I'm feeling the pressure, and unwittingly subjecting myself to negative loops of self doubt and mental self flagellation. My plan is to outwit this mode of thinking through tenacity, repetition and some good old fashioned hippy free form expression. I'll let you know how I get on... 

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