12 inch red vinyl of Carol Hodge's second studio album SAVAGE PURGE



1. Stop Worrying Baby

2. Waving Not Drowning

3. I Still Love Me

4. In Case Of Emergency

5. Magic Bullet

6. Send Me Someone

7. Semi Colon

8. Virtue Signals

9. Stopped Believing In You

10. Let Gravity Win


All songs copyright Carol Hodge 2019

Recorded at Tower Studios, Pershore and Hodge House in October 2019

Produced and mastered by Dave Draper

Vocals, BVs, piano, midi instruments - Carol Hodge

Guitar, bass, drums - Dave Draper 

Savage Purge - Red vinyl



    Apt 6234, Chynoweth House, Trevissome Park, Truro, TR4 8UN

    © Carol Hodge 2017
    Photography by Carol Hodge, Mike Bennett,  Brant Adam