Carol Hodge back catalogue


3 track CD from 2012


Track listing:

1. Arms

2. Not

3. Mona


"'Arms' ruffles its furry ass with a good riff that has regular rhythm stroked by the front lasses liquid serenity. We seem to be smoothed until the action opens up, a flame rises and lungs are wonderfully cleared. Usual charge follows with the ensuing blow out and then into a twisted sub-break where theatrical hauntings appear oh so briefly. A range of cacophony is crammed into the 2 minutes 45 second running time and this one seems over in the blinking of a watchful eye - sign of something impressive methinks - replay button where are you?"

Hey! Murder - Wrecks



    Apt 6234, Chynoweth House, Trevissome Park, Truro, TR4 8UN

    © Carol Hodge 2017
    Photography by Carol Hodge, Mike Bennett,  Brant Adam