"The Adele for people into radical politics’, a UK 2018 equivalent to the Tapestry-era Carole King, Carol Hodge's album is a masterpiece from the margins"

LOUDER THAN WAR (full review here)

"There is not a bad song on this album. Carol is undoubtedly one of the country's supremely talented songwriters and deserves to have people shouting from the rooftops about her talent"

THE GINGER QUIFF ( full review here)

"These 10 songs deserve to be heard by an audience far and wide. This album also goes to another level in the dead of night when there are no other sounds in the background. Do yourself a favour and give this album some listens and a purchase. We need to keep hearing more songs by Hodge."

RPM ONLINE (full review here)

"Carol has a powerful voice which is at times enchanting, enthralling and at times hypnotising. She has the clarity of Karen Carpenter and I can hear elements of Patti Smith’s softer moments and a dash of Marcella Detroit...This is a great album with not a duff track in sight, you need this album in your life!"

WITH JUST A HINT OF MAYHEM (full review here)

"...close to the bone, but deeply connecting, and full of songs I wish I wrote. With a vocal delivery so emotive and impassioned, I feel that this album is important, and the world’s record collection is incomplete without it. 9/10"

DESIGN A GIG (full review here)

"Heartfelt lyrics range from the personal to the socio-political. There are songs of love and betrayal but also of austerity and lonely OAPs choosing between food or heat. However serious the lyrics, the music is almost always up-lifting...All in all, a modern classic."

OUTLINE (full review here)

"I am totally and utterly convinced by this opening donation, it is a work of marvellous quality and created by a gifted DIY minstrel who is proving once and for all that we have, in our midst, a talent to be reckoned with - stunning."

FUNGALPUNK (full review here)


Apt 6234, Chynoweth House, Trevissome Park, Truro, TR4 8UN

© Carol Hodge 2017
Photography by Carol Hodge, Mike Bennett,  Brant Adam